Are Quartz Counter Tops Better Than Granite?

Granite is a hard stone quarried all over the world. Quartz is a manufactured stone consisting of powdered quartz and resin. Both are stunning in looks, durable, and almost destruction-proof.

Granite counter top for kitchens and baths have been popular for many years. However, Their shiny, beautiful colors are hard to pass up. Here are some facts about quartz counter top.


Granite and quartz both have veins of color running through them. Granite is a molten material formed deep in the earth. As it cools and solidifies, the minerals make patterns in the stone.

Quartz is formed differently. If a homeowner wants veins of a certain color running through the quartz, he can have it. He isn’t stuck with a stone for his kitchen countertops in Miami FL whose color and patterns were not his design.


Homeowners can take a buzz saw, sandpaper, or a kitchen knife to a granite or quartz counter, and nothing will happen to it. Homeowners can even heat a sauce pot to the highest temperature possible, place it on a granite or quartz counter top, and nothing will happen to it.

While it is possible to damage quartz with excessive heat, stoves and ovens don’t generally produce that kind of heat. Your quartz counter top should be safe.


Ease of maintenance of both granite and quartz endears kitchen countertops in Miami FL to homeowners. It only takes mild soap and water to clean them. While granite is porous and stains easily, quartz is not. Be careful with foods like beets and tomato sauces on granite counter top.

Beautiful counter top are now available at reasonable prices. Quartz counters are gaining in popularity due to their non-porous nature and their aesthetic beauty.

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