Tips for Selecting the Right Furniture Moving Pad

Furniture moving pads are also often referred to as moving blankets, moving pads and furniture pads. They are typically used by individuals and furniture movers in Charlotte, NC to wrap and protect their furniture and other vulnerable objects during the moving process. Most professional movers will use tape or rubber bands to ensure the pad remains secure around the furniture being moved.

Differences in Moving Pads

A furniture pad is classified based on certain factors. The furniture movers in Charlotte, NC can help you determine what is right for the furniture you are moving, to ensure it remains safe and damage free.

The Fabric

There are several options to consider when choosing pads. Some of the most popular materials include:

*  Cotton/polyester blend: A furniture pad made from a poly-cotton blend offers the most protection, strength and durability and can adhere to your furniture without slipping off.

* Woven fabric made of polyester: Pads made of all polyester offer good coverage but won’t last as long as those from cotton-polyester blend, which means they have to be replaced more often.

* Synthetic material: Pads made out of non-woven, synthetic material is getting more and more popular among furniture movers in Charlotte, NC because it is a more economical option. While they provide some protection during a move, they are also more vulnerable to tears and rips so they have to be used carefully.

The furniture pad you choose should be based on how much durability and protection you need. You should also consider the amount of money you have to spend. If you still aren’t sure about what is right for you and your moving needs, it is best to consult with furniture movers in Charlotte NC. Choosing the right pad can help ensure the furniture remains protected during the entire moving process.

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