Tips for Selecting a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Suffolk County NY

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Law

For a number of homeowners facing foreclosure, hiring a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Suffolk County NY just makes sense. However, if you have never hired a lawyer in the past, you may wonder how to go about finding a person that is qualified to represent you and your situation. If so, use the tips here.

Contact a Counselor First

The first portion of advice from any lawyer will be to call a certified housing counselor. You can search for this individual and he or she will help you get organized for your foreclosure. Additionally, a well-connected counselor may be able to help you cut through the red tape and to streamline the process of achieving a mortgage modification, if that is what your goal is. Even if you are already working with a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Suffolk County NY, a counselor can play an important role in the entire process.

Gather and Organize all Related Documents

You need to get completely organized before anyone is able to provide you help for your situation. You need to gather any related information from the paperwork you gave to the lender when you applied to the letters that you received when you fell behind on your payments. The lawyer you hire will look at the loan paperwork to determine if there were any unfair instances in the creation of your actual mortgage.

Find a Qualified Lawyer

Once you have gathered your paperwork, it is time to find the right foreclosure lawyer for your needs. You can find an attorney by seeking referrals and completing a bit of research on your own. Always keep in mind that choosing a lawyer based on a referral or television commercial alone is never a good idea. You need to ensure that the lawyer you eventually hire is familiar with cases similar to yours.

When you are ready to hire your foreclosure lawyer, give careful consideration to the options available. Contact Jeff H. Morgenstern for more information and to determine if you in fact need their help. Chances are, legal representation will increase the chances of the outcome you desire.

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