Tips For Purchasing Belly Dump Trailers

Making the decision to add to any equipment inventory is a big consideration for a larger company with a fleet of trucks and trailers or a small owner-operator with a single rig on the road. Buying belly dump trailers is one example of a large equipment purchase but one with the potential to pay for itself if you make the right choice.

The most important consideration when choosing from the various belly dump trailers on the market it is know your budget before you start looking. It can be easy to get caught up in features and designs and choose a trailer which is more than you can afford.

There are other factors to keep in mind as well when shopping for belly dump trailers. By keeping these front and center it will be much easier to select the right trailer for the specific budget, type and requirements for your type of hauling needs.

Buy New

While used belly dump trailers are going to be lower cost, they are also a riskier purchase option. Years of off-road use, less than top repair services, or even neglect can result in a trailer which may operate reasonably well but literally be a major repair bill in waiting.

There may also be an increase in difficulty in obtaining financing for used belly dump trailers. New trailers are typically easier to finance and will have a significantly longer life.

Buy Brand Name

There are a lot of manufacturers of belly dump trailers out there which are relative newcomers to the custom design and manufacturing industry. Choosing a brand name with proven experience in working in all types of conditions from oilfield and road construction to hauling rocks and aggregate in and out of rough terrain has its advantages.

Buying a recognized brand name of trailer ensures the quality and standards which will stand up to years of work and use.

Buy For Your Needs

It is important to know the style and design of belly dump trailers which will provide the greatest use for your work. This could include the traditional clam shell type of doors or the cross-dump models which are ideal for minimal handling of materials after dumping.

Also look for benefits such as a lightweight design in Belly Dump Trailers or even the option to have two different bins to carry different materials in one load. These options will all factor into evaluating any trailer for your next purchase.


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