Tips for Preparing to Hire a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

by | Oct 20, 2015 | Lawyers

Although there are laws in place for both pedestrians and drivers to help protect pedestrians, accidents do happen, and they can lead to serious injuries that could cause extremely high medical bills, lost wages and effect the rest of the pedestrian’s life. The injured person should be able to receive a settlement through the at-fault driver’s insurance company, but frequently the amount offered is going to be low. Instead of accepting the offer immediately, they can hire a pedestrian accident attorney to find out what their options are.

Before making any decision, the person should determine which attorney they want to hire by looking through available options and narrow the list to two or three based on the attorney’s experience working in the legal field, experience working with pedestrian accident cases, settlements won in the past, and other information they can find. Once they have a few attorneys in mind, they’ll want to collect any evidence they have and set up a consultation visit.

Evidence can be photos from the accident, the police report, contact information for witnesses, medical bills, proof of lost wages, and more, which the attorney will review at each consultation visit, to let the person know what their options are. Each attorney may have a different idea on how to proceed with the case. The person should listen to each of those ideas to determine which is going to be the right one based on how they felt about the attorney; then, they’ll be able to hire the attorney and he or she will start working on their case.

After an accident, a pedestrian can hire a pedestrian accident attorney to help ensure an adequate settlement. The tips above will help them find the right attorney and, once they have it, the attorney will handle everything for the case so the pedestrian can simply relax and recover from their injuries. If you’ve been in an accident, you’ll want to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to help you deal with the insurance company and ensure you receive an adequate settlement. View now to learn more.

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