Four Common Cosmetic Dental Services In Columbus WI

An experienced dentist provides various dental procedures to help their patients improve the appearance of their teeth. Individuals who are interested in improving their smile should contact a qualified Dental Services Columbus WI professional dentist for a consultation. Below you’ll read about some of the most common types of cosmetic dental procedures performed today.

Porcelain Veneers

These super thin teeth coatings are applied to the surface of the front teeth to hide imperfections such as stains, spaces between the teeth and fractures. After preparing the teeth and selecting a color that closely matches the patient’s natural teeth, the veneers are made. When the veneers are back from the dental lab, the dentist cements the veneers into the correct position on the teeth.

Teeth Whitening

This is a very common dental procedure for patients who wish to have whiter teeth. The procedure usually lasts less than one hour and the patient will have whiter teeth immediately after the procedure is complete. After applying the whitening solution, the dentist shines a special light on the teeth to whiten them.

Invisible Braces

Individuals who want to have straighter teeth but don’t want to wear metal braces, can now wear invisible braces. These are actually aligners that fit over a patient’s top and bottom teeth. Patients wear the aligners for around 22 hours a day and they can take them out to eat and brush their teeth. Since the aligners are clear, they’re barely noticeable when patients wear them.

Dental Implants

People who have missing teeth can greatly benefit from getting dental implants. Patients undergo a surgical procedure and a certified dental services in Columbus WI area dentist places a titanium implant down into the jawbone. After the jawbone grows around the implant, the dentist adds a post to the top of the implant. The next and final step is to attach a crown or fake tooth to the post. Dental implants are a permanent solution for patients who have teeth that are missing.

Dentistry of Wisconsin specializes in preventative dentistry, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants and sedation dentistry. Visit the website to read additional information about their dental procedures and to contact the office for an appointment.


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