Tips for new dog owners

If you are owning a dog for the first time, you may be so excited that you may just want to jump right in and start playing with them right away. However in addition to scheduling that first appointment with the veterinarian, there are other tips to keep in mind. By reviewing the suggestions of how to best care for your pet as a new dog owner, you can feel confident that you are providing them with the very best care.

Gather the pet supplies for your new dog

Your dog will need certain items which allow you to provide them with the care they need. These items include a leash, collar, water and food bowl, toys, and healthy food. It is important to make sure to have all the needed supplies ahead of time so that you can take care of your pet in the best possible way. If you are unsure as to whether or not you have the necessary supplies, you can always check in with the veterinarian to make sure that you have all of the necessary items to get started.

Plan a welcome for your dog

Just like bringing home a new baby, a new dog is a very big deal. It is important to welcome your dog and ensure that you have everything set up for your dog’s arrival. If your dog will be coming home on a weekday, make sure that you take time off of work so that you can get to know your dog. Your veterinarian will be able to see your dog on the weekend if you want to set special time aside for the animal doctor to meet with your dog. However try not to schedule a vet appointment too close to when your pet is coming home so that they can take time to get to know you.

Plan for house training

Your pet is very new to your home and so they may not be used to your house rules. It is important to establish new house rules and relay them to your pet by communicating to them in a way that they can understand. Make sure to establish a routine and stay as consistent as possible at all times.

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