Tips for Moisture Control in Alexandria, VA

High humidity can lead to problems with mold growth even if homeowners don’t have active water leaks. That’s why Moisture Control in Alexandria VA should be at the top of every homeowner’s to-do list. Read on to find some tips on how to keep homes moisture- and mold-free.

Fix Leaky Faucets

Even small water leaks can lead to serious mold problems. Homeowners shouldn’t assume that just because they can’t see any leaks, there are none there. They should check behind their washing machines and refrigerators and beneath their sinks to make sure all the pipes and connections are in good condition and there are no signs of leaks.

Control Humidity Below-Grade

Buy a humidifier for the basement. Even if the foundation is in good shape and there is no standing water to be found, it’s still worth the investment. Mold can grow as soon as the relative humidity reaches 80% and basements are naturally damp, cool spaces, so try to keep the humidity level under control.

There’s usually no need to dehumidify basements during the fall and winter months. Turn the dehumidifier on in mid-April and turn it off in mid-October for the best results.

Don’t Over-Humidify Above-Grade

Many homeowners install humidifiers in their houses during the summer months. That’s fine, but don’t overdo it. Try to keep the relative humidity at around 40% in all the home’s lived-in spaces.

Install Exhaust Fans

Install exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens. Run them while boiling water on the stove and after taking showers. This will keep the relative humidity low in these mold-prone rooms.

Open Exterior Closet Doors

Closets that have one or more walls facing the home’s exterior often require some extra Moisture Control in Alexandria VA. This can lead to mold growth on the walls and floor. To keep the air warmer and control the moisture in these spaces, keep the door open or heat the closet with a specialty heater in the winter.

Get Professional Help

If these tips don’t solve homeowners’ moisture problems, it’s time for them to take more drastic measures and hire an expert. Click Here to learn about one company that can help today.

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