The Ups and Downs of Garage Door Openers

We take them for granted when they’re working. They let us in and out of our homes become a part of our security system, and we may rely on them hundreds if not thousands of times a month to safely give us access to the world outside and eventually back inside our homes. But, like everything else, they can’t last forever. And it is critical that we keep our eyes and ears open for signs of trouble with these important devices.

How They Work
Garage door openers in Fort Collins, Colorado, simply put, are the mechanisms by which a garage door is raised or lowered using a track usually due to a chain. The doors are controlled by counterbalance springs that are connected to both the opener and the door. The opening and closing mechanism has to be delicately measured, balanced, and set to ensure that the door does not come down with too much force and can reverse its direction if it comes into contact with an object for safety purposes. The opener can be mounted either above the door in the garage or on the side depending on the type of door installed. They are usually controlled with transmitters, either portable, installed in vehicles, or externally adhered to the garage with a keypad.

Safety Concerns and Precautions
Keeping in mind the amount of force that the door could generate given its weight and size, it is critical that all safety measures be properly followed with the installation and maintenance of garage door openers. Fort Collins, Colorado homeowners and their families depend on the safe operation of these devices. There are some mandatory features including a manual quick-release handle for emergency use, and a set of sensors to monitor movement of objects set at a specific height (4-6 inches from the ground) that will reverse the lowering of the door if movement interrupts the Eyebeam.

Smart Shopping
When it comes to your family’s safety and security, you want to make the best possible choices. It’s important to have an expert install and maintain your garage door openers. Fort Collins, Colorado homeowners, are fortunate to have reputable companies from which to choose. Look for a company that sells but also maintains and repair garage doors like Full Service Garage Doors.

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