Tips For Hiring Movers In Louisville

It doesn’t have to be complex or complicated to hire a quality moving service to handle a local move or a long distance move from Louisville. There are a few simple checks and questions that anyone can use to determine if the mover is professional, experience and the right match for his or her moving needs.

As a general rule, hiring any movers without comparing the competition may pose some issues. However, if you have a moving company that has done a great job in the past, they should automatically be on your short list and perhaps the first movers you call.

To help you with weeding out the great moving companies from those you might not want to use, here are some essential pieces of information you will need to know:

Years in business – moving companies are constantly starting up and shutting down. Look for information on the years in business to help you determine if they are an established company or just a person with a rental truck.

Business address listing – the website of the company should list their business address. Be very wary of a company without any offices or business address.

Personal communication – professionally run moving companies have office staff to answer the phones and assist customers and potential new customers during business hours. They will answer your questions to direct you to someone in the company that can. Companies that only operate on answering machines or voicemails or that don’t return calls should be crossed off your list.

Recognized mover – the major movers in the city of Louisville will be names you recognize from seeing the trucks on the road and in your neighborhood. Choosing a known company will help you by providing reviews and feedback from past customers on their site and independent moving review sites.

Book with moving companies at least 2 to 3 months in advance. This will provide you with time to do our research and plan your move without being stressed or rushed.

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