Receiving Health Services From a Clinic in Maui While on Vacation

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Healthcare

Health issues can arise at any time, including while a family is on vacation. During severe times of need, it is best to quickly locate an urgent care clinic that provides services. A Clinic in Maui offers extensive health services to both local and visiting patrons, ensuring any health problems are addressed in a timely manner.

Prescription Refills

One of the biggest concerns for patients is when their prescriptions run out. If this happens while in Maui, the medical center located there will be able to help. They offer prescription refills to ensure everyone in need of medication can have the dose they need.

On-Site X-Ray

Whether a person falls while hiking, or otherwise hurts themselves and causes a break or fracture, a Maui clinic has an on-site x-ray to diagnose the problem. The doctor will use the imaging machine to determine if the fracture or break is minor or major and follow through with the appropriate relief, often including a cast or crutches.

Care for All Ages

Seniors and children, and every age in between, can be seen at a clinic. There is no discrimination against age. With all services located in one place, it allows people to easily obtain access to the health care needed for any family member.

INR Testing

Blood testing, also known as INR testing, is often performed at a separate location. This can make the time even longer for finding out results. The Maui clinic offers this form of testing directly in their own facility. This means results are back the same day, with no extended waiting period. Patients receive the information they need quickly so the right course of action can be determined immediately.

Lacerations, Bites, and Allergic Reaction

Some of the most commonly seen ailments while on vacation are lacerations, bites, and allergic reactions. A clinic handles all of these. Visitors can simply walk in and be treated quickly for their problem. This ensures there is limited time wasted of the vacation.

The Clinic in Maui is an ideal place to know while visiting the town. The Wailea Medical Center & Urgent Care Facility provides numerous key services to patients from all over. Whether someone is simply visiting for the week, or lives on the island, this center provides walk-in services to all who need them.

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