Tips for Choosing the Right Financial Advisor

by | Jul 24, 2020 | Financial Advisor

One of the best ways to ensure a secure financial future is to work with a qualified financial advisor. These professionals have the training and experience to help you make wise investments that will grow your assets and set you up for the retirement and financial future you want. As you begin your search for a financial advisor like Matthew Dixon in Asheville, NC, there are a few tips to help make a good decision.

Prepare for Your Consultation

Even if you have no knowledge about financial planning, it’s important to do your research before your appointment with Matthew Dixon in Asheville, NC. Do your research ahead of time and prepare a list of questions. While a financial advisor will provide plenty of information, even at your first consultation, having questions can help tailor that conversation to your needs. If you have questions as they speak, write them down so you don’t have to interrupt and won’t forget what you wanted to ask when there’s an opening in the conversation.

Consider Your Risk Tolerance

The further you are from retirement, the more risk you can safely take. However, everyone has a level of risk they’re most comfortable with. Before you have your first consultation, think about how much risk you’re willing to take to secure your financial future. If you still aren’t sure, be sure to ask your financial advisor what they recommend so you can accurately gauge your comfort zone.

Don’t Fall for Sales Tactics

Some individuals advertise themselves as financial advisors, but they’re nothing more than salespeople who want to sell their financial products. A good financial advisor like Matthew Dixon in Asheville, NC, won’t push sales tactics on you. Instead, they will work with you to determine the best products for your particular needs and goals, even if it doesn’t produce the highest return for them.


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