Tips for Choosing the Color of Carpeting in Glenview

The color of the carpet can make a big difference in the look and feel of the room. There are a few different ways to choose the best color for your purposes. Keep in mind, trends change, so you want to choose something that you’ll still like as the years go by rather than something that happens to be popular when you purchase the carpet.

Lifestyle Considerations

Families that have kids or pets may want to avoid very light colored or white carpeting in Glenview, as this will be more likely to show stains. This doesn’t mean that very dark colors are the best option, though, as these tend to show both dust and lint more. A carpet that is medium in color is best in these situations. The same can be true in rooms or areas that get a lot of traffic.

Colors of Other Items in the Room

In general, when choosing colors for carpeting in Glenview, start by choosing the color of the item in the room that’s available in the fewest colors. This often includes furniture, such as sofas. Paint colors should be picked last, as you can get paint mixed to match pretty much any color you want. Carpeting falls somewhere in the middle, as there are a lot of different color options available.

Multiple Colors

Another option is to choose carpeting that includes multiple colors, such as those with flecks of different colors. These are also a good choice when wanting to hide lint and dirt on the carpet. They most often come in neutral colors and are technically called Berber carpeting.

Stick With Neutrals

One way to get around the difficulty of matching the carpeting to all of the other furnishings is to stick with a neutral carpeting color. Then it will go with the rest of the room even if you decide to redecorate later. These neutral carpets can still add interest to a room, especially if you choose one that has some texture to it. Beiges and grays are particularly popular, but not the only options.

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