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Today’s fences are available in many materials. When deciding which type of fence to add to a residential property, knowing each material’s pros and cons can help a homeowner make the right choice. If a customer is considering PVC fencing from a Fence Contractor Nassau County, they should consider these five facts before they go ahead with the job.

Easy Care

PVC fencing is simple to clean, and it requires little upkeep once it is installed. It requires no stain or paint, and pieces come ready to install. However, PVC fences should be cleaned frequently to extend their lifespan. A quick wash with a garden hose can quickly and easily remove grime and dirt.

Design and Color Options

When selecting PVC fencing, owners have a wide selection of designs and colors that just aren’t available with other fencing types. With all these choices, a homeowner can select a fence that’s a good fit for the overall appearance of the property.


Quality PVC fencing can stand up to harsh weather, and it is resistant to dings, dents, and cracks. For increased durability during winter, a Fence Contractor Nassau County will bury posts deep beneath the soil. If posts aren’t set deeply enough, the PVC may loosen and need resetting.

PVC and Vinyl

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a kind of vinyl, and in the fencing business, these terms are often used interchangeably. While different kinds of vinyl are used in various applications, PVC is typically used to make fencing. Consult a local contractor to learn more about PVC fencing options in the area.


PVC fences are an affordable option compared to other types of fencing. Homeowners who choose PVC can save money in the long term because of its long lifespan and low maintenance requirements. While other kinds of fences need frequent upkeep, replacement, and painting, PVC fences will not.

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