Tips For Choosing Commercial Blinds

If you are looking for options for window coverings, then blinds are a nice choice, but what’s the best way to choose commercial blinds? Here are some tips for choosing commercial blinds:

Commercial Blinds are Great for Privacy and Light Control

Commercial blinds are a very versatile product for a window treatment. For one thing, you can either open them so you get light in from outside and can see what’s going on, or you can close them so you have no light, or have the most privacy. Or, they can be adjusted to a point in-between. It all depends on the size and width of the slats that you pick.

Commercial blinds can be purchased in three common slat sizes: a half inch, one inch and two inch. Older blinds were usually in the two-inch range, while newer styles are normally smaller, but what you pick usually depends on personal preference.

Slats Can Be Chosen to Go Vertically, Horizontally

When it comes to choosing the arrangement of the slats, these can go either horizontally or vertically. For instance, if you are putting the blinds on something like sliding glass doors, likely you should go with vertical ones because they can be pushed to the side so the sliding glass doors can open.

Horizontal slats are normally for usage when you place them at the top of a window so they can be pulled up or down as desired. You can get these slats in metal, wood, or fabric materials.

Choosing the Color of Your Blinds

You have lots of options for the color of your blinds, but most designers suggest choosing a neutral shade in case you plan to some day change the color of the room they are used in. However, if you love color on your windows, blinds are usually inexpensive enough to change when you decide to change the room color scheme at a later date.

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