Tips for Choosing a Wedding Video Company in Lexington, KY

There are so many different details that need to be handled when planning a wedding. Although not everyone chooses to have a wedding video made, this can be a wonderful memento. The choice of Wedding Video Company in Lexington KY can make a big difference in the end result, so it pays to choose wisely.

Start Early

It’s a good idea to start looking early, as some companies can even document some of the events leading up to the wedding. It may also make it easier to find just the right person. You’ll want someone who can stay within the budget. It should be someone who can be unobtrusive while capturing the video and that has a personality and appearance that’s agreeable to the bridge and groom. Make sure to meet with the actual individual who will be doing the filming for your wedding and not just a company representative.

Ask for Examples

While having experience is good, it’s even better if the Wedding Video Company in Lexington KY can give you references to check and show you sample videos they’ve done in the past, preferably including an entire video from start to finish rather than a “best of” compilation. This will help you get a better idea of whether their video style is what you’re looking for and if the quality is acceptable. Pay attention to both the audio quality and the picture quality, as both are important in this type of video. Make sure that you’ll get the video in the format that you’re looking for and that it will be done in high definition from start to finish.

Look Into the Options Available

Ask whether it’s possible to customize the video to include more of what you’re looking for and check to see whether there are different styles of wedding videos available. The basic point and shoot variety of video is the least expensive, but may not be the best choice for you. Another option is a documentary-style video. Ask about available special effects and whether they include extras such as credits, photomontages, and highlights in the videos. You may want to ask the videographer to avoid asking guests for soundbites and to limit the amount of animated graphics included in the video. Make sure that the video will include music that you like in the soundtrack.

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