Tips For Choosing A Vapor Liquid Separator

In many different types of applications, air is used for processing. This air has to be free from all types of moisture, vapor, or liquid that could compromise the process, damage the equipment, or impact the quality of the product.

To remove the liquid and vapor from the process air stream, a vapor liquid separator can be installed in the system. These types of separators can operate using different methods, and the specific application has a definite impact on which is the best option. With different designs, different removal technology, and different sizes, choosing the right equipment for a given job can be a challenge.

Efficiency of the Equipment

Regardless of the technology or the specific design of the vapor liquid separator, the efficiency of the equipment for removal of liquid is always the primary consideration. The best systems on the market are able to work consistently to remove in excess of 99% of the liquid contained in process stream air, which is ideal for the protection of equipment in the system.

Various technologies, including internal demisters and special design features, to prevent the recapture of moisture into the process air stream, allow for this consistent, high rate of liquid removal.

Built to Order

With the use of the separator in various systems, having the ability to design the equipment to work with the existing configuration of the process line is important. When the buyer can choose the location for inlets, outlets, and cleanouts on the vapor liquid separator, as well as choosing the size of the separator, it is the ideal match for the application.

By comparing the features offered by different manufacturers, and working from the basics to the more advanced, it is easy to find the perfect separator for any application.

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