Three Common Causes of Tooth Pain That Everyone Should Know About

Toothache can be some of the most intense pain a patient has to endure. The good news is that a dentist can quickly identify the cause and ease your discomfort. If you have a toothache, whether it’s chronic or comes and goes, you should remedy it as quickly as possible. Toothaches mean there is something wrong with your teeth that could become a big problem if it isn’t tended to swiftly.

There are a variety of reasons that you could be experiencing tooth pain. Some of them are more intense and serious than others. If you are curious about what’s causing your toothache in Mundelein, here are some of the common causes:


This is the most frequent cause of tooth pain. A cavity can range from a small crack in the tooth to a giant missing chunk. Either way, a nerve could be exposed, sending intense pain signals to the brain. A cavity is usually fixed with a filling. In some cases, a crown may be required.


If the pain feels like it’s coming from inside the tooth and feels more like pressure than a stinging pain, it could be an abscess. This is another word for infection. First, the dentist will give you antibiotics to banish the infection. After that, a root canal is a common procedure to make sure it doesn’t come back.

Wisdom Teeth

If you are experiencing intense pain in the back of your mouth near the molars, it could be coming from a wisdom tooth. Most people get these removed in their teens before they become an issue. If they don’t, the wisdom teeth could come in improperly, placing tension on nearby teeth both above and below the surface of the gums. Wisdom teeth removal is required to get rid of this problem for patients experiencing a toothache in Mundelein.

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