Tips For A Lawn You Can Be Proud Of

by | May 23, 2016 | Home and Garden

Of all the things that add curb appeal to a home it is a well maintained lawn. Come spring the outdoor season has begun, it is time to get ready for the necessary Houston lawn maintenance that is required to get your lawn in shape and keep it where it will be your pride and joy. There are a few things that the knowledgeable homeowner has to keep in mind:

   * Cutting: Cutting does more than just make the lawn appear neat and tidy, it also thickens the grass. It is far better to cut the lawn a little and do it frequently rather than wait until it is quite tall and cut it in one go. When you cut, alternate the pattern, this will ensure the grass blades stand tall.

   * Fertilizing: Every time you cut the grass you remove some of the nutrients. Fertilizing is an important part of Houston lawn maintenance as it replaces the lost nutrients. From early in the season your lawn should be fertilized every four to six weeks. There are fertilizers available that have been formulated for the specific part of the country in which you live but you can expect them to contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

   * Watering: Watering is a core component of a lush, green lawn; the frequency of watering depends on the temperature and humidity which is constantly changing. You will know when the grass needs water, the older blades curl and the color changes to a blue-great tint. A new lawn of course requires far more water than an established lawn as it is important to establish a solid root system.

We Only Cut Grass you will find a group of yard care professionals who know how to keep your yard looking great. With a little persistence and a well designed Houston lawn maintenance program it is possible to have a lawn as good as those you see in home and garden magazines. For more details visit Website.

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