The Services of Professional Movers for Akron Ohio Residents

When people move, they often look for the cheapest way to do it, but that is not always the best way. There are several advantages to hiring a moving company for any type of relocation. For most moves, there are extra services offered by professional movers. Akron Ohio residents may find these services particularly helpful.

Basic Moving Services
Even the most basic moving services can relieve stress from a move. If you are just moving to another neighborhood in Akron, Ohio, you might think you can just rent a truck or make multiple trips in an SUV, but movers can actually make it much easier. Often all the possessions being moved will fit on a single truck, and the moving company will do all of the lifting, loading and unloading, even with heavy and awkward pieces.

Moving companies are generally well-insured as well, in case something gets damaged in transit. In terms of generally making the move go smoother, movers can offer move preparation packets and a single point of contact for all moving concerns. The best moving companies will even give a free estimate so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Extra Moving Services
For those who want a really move free from many burdens, movers can take on more duties, including packing and unpacking. They have the material and expertise to pack things perfectly and can even ship items if it makes more sense to do so. Move planning is also offered by some moving companies. If a move requires short or long term storage, many moving companies either have storage facilities or are partnered with them, allowing storage to be incorporated very easily into the move. Some advanced moving companies now offer online move tracking, as well, so there’s no stressing about where possessions are at any given time.

Services Beyond Moving
Some moving companies really go the extra mile to make a move easy, providing help with real estate services. They can help to stage, de-clutter and create a sales strategy for an existing home and help to obtain a realtor and a mortgage for a new home. If temporary housing is required, some movers can help to arrange that, as well. For long distance moves, a mover might even offer a destination information packet to help customers get more easily acclimated to their new surroundings.

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