Three Valuable Tips on How to Save on Home Heating Oil in Groton CT

Heating oil, also known as oil heat, is one of the most efficient and environmental friendly ways to heat a home or business. Modern oil heat systems perform at 85 to 95 percent efficiently or higher. This means that for every dollar homeowners spend on heating oil, 85 to 95 cents worth of heat and hot water is delivered to a home. However, like any commodity, heating oil is subject to fluctuations in prices. Some of these oil price fluctuations are due to economic and political factors. While it is impossible to control the prices of oil, there are things homeowners can do to reduce their home heating bills. Here are some valuable tips on how to save on home Heating Oil in Groton CT.

Maximize the efficiency of the home heating systems

One way to save a home’s heating bills is by ensuring that the heating system is inspected and tuned up annually by a professional. A well-maintained home heating system will not only work optimally, but will also last for a long time. Additionally, it can also save your life. Note that malfunctioning heating systems increase the risk of carbon monoxide and can cause fires.

Minimize heat loss

For effective home heating, the warm air being produced by the unit should not be allowed to escape from the room. To ensure that, gaps and cracks around the house need to be sealed thoroughly. Sealing cracks does not mean eliminating ventilation. Adequate vents help to control moisture and avoid indoor air quality problems. Proper insulation and venting of the attic can help to save 20 to 35 percent on heating costs. It is also advisable to have an HVAC technician check oil-fired boilers, furnaces and heaters for proper venting.

Conserve Heat

Using a programmable thermostat can help cut heating cost by as much as 20 percent by automatically lowering the temperature to 10 degrees during the day and 5 degrees during the night. Additionally, consider shortening showers. Research shows that showers account for two-thirds of water heating costs.

With a good knowledge of the above tips, you can save bills on home Heating Oil in Groton CT. Please click here to find out more about heating oil, and how to contact a reliable oil supplier.

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