Three Tips for Prioritizing Work From Remodeling Contractors in Laguna Beach for New Home Buyers

New home buyers have just opened the door to their new home, and there are about one million different things that need to be done. The most valuable approach is to take it one step at a time. Prioritize what is most necessary for getting settled. Renovations can wait.

Once passing the initial move-in steps, new home buyers run into how to approach their remodeling with Remodeling Contractors in Laguna Beach. Some may say to remodel prior to moving in, but not everyone can afford that tactic. Below are three tips for prioritizing the workflow and achieving a full renovation of many areas of the home- in due time.

Choose the Lowest Hanging Fruit

Do not necessarily look at the room that needs the most work. The kitchen could be a disaster. But, this disaster could require a massive financial bump, and that may not be in the cards. Consider looking at the lowest hanging fruit. What this means is finding the area of the home that is relatively easy to get under control. It may only require a modest investment. This is where families can start their efforts.

List the Top 3 Trouble Items

Is the roof caving in? Is there just no bathroom at all? The lowest hanging fruit strategy could work if the house is generally in acceptable shape, but it won’t work if one area is in total disarray. Consider making a list of the top three to five trouble spots for the Remodeling Contractors in Laguna Beach to focus on. This way, everything else waits until these top matters are settled.


Prioritizing safety over cosmetic is an inspired way to tackle a full remodel. If there is a loose socket, an open stove, a leak in the upstairs through the ceiling, it needs to be handled as soon as possible. It takes precedence over the prettier parts of the home.

Julie Laughton can actively take a look at the property. They contracting team can review certain areas that could lead to trouble in a large-scale home remodel. For example, plumbing may take precedence if there are any present disasters waiting. Also, take it a day at a time in a large remodel. For more information visit

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