Three Reasons to Choose a Private Plane for Your Flight in San Diego, CA

Does the thought of crowded airports and cramped seats make you want to stay home? There is a way to avoid all the drawbacks of air travel, and it’s not just for CEOs and Hollywood stars anymore. Here are three reasons to consider choosing a private jet for your next flight.

Save Time

Flying commercial means you have to arrive early and waste an hour or more at the airport to avoid missing your flight. When you choose a private plane charter in San Diego, CA, you get to select your take-off time without worrying that your plane will leave without you.

Fly in Comfort

The worst part of flying is the crowded seats, but a private jet offers plenty of room to stretch your legs, get some work done or even take a nap. You can also enjoy amenities like drinks, gourmet meals and the in-flight movie of your choice.

Take Your Pets

Many commercial airlines relegate Fido and Fluffy to the plane’s cold, dark cargo area. However, a private plane charter in San Diego, CA, allows your pets to travel in the cabin where they can be safe and comfortable.

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