Three Things To Do at Student Housing Near the University of Florida

If you’re considering living in student housing, then you might like to know there are several activities you can do. In fact, living near campus can make life more exciting, and you’ll have like-minded people around you. Here are a few things you can do at student housing near the University of Florida.

Play a Sport

For one thing, you can invite a group of friends to play volleyball on the sand volleyball court. Or you might rather play a game or two on the half basketball court. Either way, you can get competitive in a friendly way and challenge each other mentally and physically.

Walk Your Dog

Since the student housing is pet-friendly, you won’t have to leave Fido at home. You’ll be able to take your dog for walks, play Frisbee, and give him treats. And you won’t have to miss him while you’re at college. Besides this, your dog won’t have to feel sad and lonely from missing you.

Watch a Movie

Rather than sitting around and living a dull existence, try watching a movie in the movie theater. You can bring some friends along or go solo. No matter what, this can be the perfect way to stay entertained and forget about your problems for a while.

To sum it all up, living in student housing near the University of Florida can be fun. You’ll be able to make new friends and keep your furry friend by your side. Contact Redpoint Gainesville at

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