Three Fun Ways to Spend Your Free Time at Off-Campus Housing at USF

Living near campus doesn’t mean everything is all about school. In fact, you can have plenty of opportunities to have fun on a regular basis. Consider a few ways to entertain yourself at offcampus housing at USF.

Relax by the Pool or Swim

When you have time away from university life, you can hang out by the pool and soak up the sun’s warm, comforting rays. You can also read a book or magazine, sip some lemonade, or take a nap. If you want to get active, try swimming some laps.

Exercise in the Fitness Center

Exercising regularly improves sleep quality and reduces feelings of depression and anxiety. Taking care of your health can make college easier. The fitness center can be a great place to keep yourself motivated and inspired for better physical fitness. After all, other people go there to exercise regularly too. Alternatively, try tuning people out and focusing on toning your muscles.

Socialize with Friends

Socializing increases feelings of belonging, improves mental health, and sharpens memory, among other things. You can meet new people or socialize with old friends. For instance, there are social events for friends and residents. Moreover, try striking up a conversation with someone at the gym, by the pool, at the coffee bar, or in the lounge.

All things considered, off-campus housing at USF can be a great place to live. You’ll have the chance to stay near campus and do activities you enjoy. Contact Lark on 42nd at

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