Three Things to Consider Regarding Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC

Whether it be in a home, apartment building, office building or retail store, regular maintenance of an elevator is critical to extending its lifespan and protecting its passengers. The maintenance of elevators is the responsibility of the homeowner, property owner, or landlord and is mandated by the city, but it should be carried out by a professional. Three things to consider regarding Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC are the frequency of required inspections, the condition of the elevator machine room, and the potential problem spots.

Frequency of Required Inspections

Typically elevators must be inspected for mechanical problems and passenger safety once a year. This requirement is set by state and federal regulations. After inspection, the elevator has issued a certificate of operation stating that it has passed the inspection and is safe to operate. Regular elevator maintenance is a big part of preparing to pass the yearly inspection. It ensures that the elevator is in good working order and is not a hazard to passengers.

Condition of Elevator Machine Room

While it is important to perform maintenance on the elevator itself, the elevator machine room must not be overlooked. The elevator machine room should be free of clutter, which is a fire hazard. It should not be used as a storage room. The machine room should also have a self-locking and self-closing door. This is to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the room. The presence of adequate lighting is also a requirement for the elevator machine room.

Potential Problem Spots

Being able to predict where problems might occur with an elevator is an important part of elevator maintenance. Then special attention can be paid to these areas when maintenance is performed, and a plan can be made to repair the area when needed. One common problem area for elevators is the malfunction of the doors. Knowing this can be a problem allows the person in charge of the elevator to keep an eye on it and head off problems before they become serious.

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