4 Ways to Keep Your Car Out of the Repair Shop

Owning a car is getting more and more expensive every day. Rising fuel prices and insurance costs mean it’s in your best interests to take better care of your vehicle and make it last longer. Start by keeping your car out of the shop and your money in your pockets.

Change the coolant

Basic maintenance extends the service life of your car. It includes changing your coolant on schedule. The Family Handyman recommends making the change every 24,000 miles for cars on green coolant or 100,000 miles for cars on extended-life coolant. Don’t forget to check your manual too, though, to see if your car follows the same schedule.

Change the oil

Forgetting to change the oil leads to more contaminants in your engine. The longer you put this off, the more dirt, dust, and other contaminants get into your engine system. This creates too much friction between the oil and your car parts. Without proper lubrication, car components suffer, resulting in significant wear. Don’t know how to do it? Get your car to a service shop for auto repair in Coppel, TX and have the oil change done by pros.

Change your filter

Clogged air filters in your car put more strain and pressure on your ride’s A/C system, forcing it to work that much harder. That makes it more like for your air conditioning system to break down, along with other parts. Prevent that from happening by having your air filters.

Change your oil filter

Don’t forget to drive to an auto repair shop in Coppel, TX and ask to have your oil filter changed as well. Too much dirt and dust in the filter mean greater friction, which would be devastating for your engine. Instead of shelling out as much $4,000 on engine repairs, tossing your oil filter for a new one is much, much cheaper.

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