Three Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Tyres in Petersfield

Vehicles are heavily relied on nowadays, with around 35 million people in the United Kingdom holding a valid driving license. If you use a vehicle for social or work purposes, you will know that regular maintenance is essential for avoiding problems. The tyres, among many other components, face a lot of wear and tear. Cracks, bulges and rips can occur if they are not replaced every 20,000 miles, due to the fact that the rubber is exposed to rough road surfaces, harsh acceleration and prompt breaking. Although it’s inevitable that the tread will wear down, your driving style and maintenance routine could affect the lifespan of the tyre. Avoid premature problems by looking after them with the following tips.

Starting and Stopping

The condition of your tyres in Petersfield will say a lot about your driving habits, because if you accelerate quickly and stop abruptly, the rubber will endure more wear and tear. By driving more responsibly not only can you make the tyres last longer but also, you can save money on fuel. Getting the wheels aligned will prevent the tyre from wearing down more on one side than the other, so consider paying for wheel alignment if you feel the car pulling to the left or right, or if the steering wheel vibrates when you are driving at fast speeds.

Tyre Pressure

Each week, check to make sure the tyres on your vehicle are inflated evenly. If the back tyres have more air in them than the front tyres, the engine will need to work harder and more fuel will be consumed. Read the car manufacturer’s instructions to determine how much air is necessary and refrain from over-inflating, as this can cause bulging and tread wear in the middle of the tyre.

Rotate the Tyres

For every 6,000 miles you drive, rotate the tyres. A good time to do this is when you get an oil change or service completed at a car garage. A mechanic will rotate them for you, or you can do it yourself by using a car jack to lift the wheel off the ground, before trading the wheels between axles. Try not to rotate them in a criss-cross fashion, as this could do more damage than good.

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