Three Simple Steps for Finding a Reliable Removalist

Moving can be tough – why make the process more difficult by doing it all alone? Professional removalist companies are a valuable asset to anyone looking to pack up, transport and unpack their lives in a new location. Professional removalist companies provide the resources, experience and expertise needed to help make your move a seamless one. Finding a reliable removalist can be easy, if you follow these three simple steps.

Do Your Research

The first step in securing a reliable removalist company to assist with your move is doing some heavy preliminary research. If you hop onto the internet, you can do a broad search of removalist companies in your area. Once you have a list of companies, you can venture onto each of their websites to learn a little bit more about their backgrounds, services and level of expertise. A well done website can tell a lot about a company. Browse to see if they include stories, testimonials or photos of their work. Are there written reviews online? Are they part of larger organisational sites that recommend them for that line of work? Researching different companies online can help you narrow down your list and determine which ones you call for consultations.


In addition to browsing company websites and reading reviews online, it important to ask around for company referrals. Some of the best marketing is done through direct networking, alone – and if a company does a good job, people are apt to share their experience with others. Consult friends, neighbours, family members and other loved ones to see what services they may have used in the past. Consider whether or not they had a good experience with a company; or perhaps paid too much for another. You can trust that a company that is consistently referred by happy customers does great work and would be a reliable company to call for your big move.


Once you have done some background research and have asked around for referrals, you should have a solid list of candidates for the job. The next best step is to call each of the companies directly. Ask them questions about their services and get a feel for the customer service representative on the other end of the line. Are they warm, welcoming and friendly? Do they exude good customer service? Or, is their customer service and kind presence lacking? It may also be helpful to inquire about someone coming out to the house to take a look at the job and provide estimates. Meeting the removalist team in person can help determine whether or not a company is one that you trust and wish to work with.


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