Display Jewelry Trays for Success

unique jewelry trays in displays invite people to take a closer look. Jewelry displays either spark people’s interest to take a good look at items or they fail to attract attention. How can you present your jewelry trays to its best advantage? It’s a fine balance between style and restraint. There’s no single “right way” to display jewelry, but the following tips should help.

Jewelry Displays Should Match the Jewelry’s Personality
One feature to display good jewelry trays is that they reflect the style and personality of the jewelry line and the taste of the targeted customer! A display with a lot of personalities can be a perfect element for your booth. Be creative with the jewelry trays, props, backgrounds, and textures you use in your jewelry displays.

Display Jewelry Professionally
Although you can use all kinds of neat props for jewelry displays, jewelry should stand out plainly as the star attraction in the display. Don’t get so carried away creating a cool setting that the display itself steals the scene! It’s easy to let your creative zeal run away with you when you work on your jewelry displays.

Keep it Simple
Picture an entire table filled with bamboo stalks, tiger-print fabric, and driftwood under and behind every piece of jewelry. It may look busy and visually cluttered, and even if those elements do communicate the style of the jewels. Instead, consider displaying about 80% of your jewelry attractively in jewelry cases, gift boxes and jewelry trays. Now your accent props communicate your style of jewelry without overwhelming the display.

Jewelry Should Not Disappear
Jewelry should show up against whatever props and background materials you use. A clear crystal quartz pendant would be practically invisible on a leopard print silk scarf, but a chunky silver cuff bracelet on the same scarf would stand out smashingly. A dark prop and background make this colorful jewelry set stand out smashingly. A background that contrasts visually with the jewelry will help the jewelry stand out as the star of the scene you create for it.

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