Three Reasons Your Employees Should Be Wearing Embroidered Work Shirts

As a business owner with employees out in the field, you may have considered purchasing embroidered work shirts with your company logo for your employees. Many business owners avoid taking this step, believing it is too costly. Yet, there are many benefits to providing these shirts and requiring your employees to wear these in the field. Here are three reasons your employees should be wearing a shirt with your logo.

1. Advertising. You should take advantage of every single opportunity to get your name out in your community. When employees wear the shirts while they are out in the field, they are creating name and brand recognition for you. You may think that the shirts are expensive, but compare the cost to a full-blown ad campaign and you will see that the shirts offer great value for the money.
2. Creating a professional jobsite. If you have employees working together as a team on one of your jobs, having each of them wearing an embroidered work shirt with your logo immediately identifies them as part of your team. Clients and visitors immediately know which people are associated with your company. This lends credibility to your jobsite and creates a professional company appearance.
3. Avoid having employees look shabby. We all have one or two employees who, left to their own devices, may not take much care with what they wear to work. Establishing a “company uniform” comprised of an embroidered work shirt and khakis or jeans eliminates this problem. Without even visiting your jobsite, you can feel confident that all your employees are representing your company name appropriately.

Manage the Costs

If you view ordering company shirts as a budget buster, there are ways to minimize the cost and still have your employees look great. Consider dress shirts, for example, only for sales people. Use polo style shirts for employees on jobsites. If your employees get very dirty, choose dark colors to avoid having to replace stained shirts too often. If your shirts must be replaced often due to stains, it’s also a good idea to buy a shirt of medium quality to keep costs low. Buy your shirts in large quantities to maximize savings. Your shirt vendor can offer you even more ideas on how to get the best bang for your buck.

Embroidered logo shirts can make a world of difference in your company’s image out in the field. This is one apparel item you should definitely plan for in your upcoming budget.

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