Three Reasons to Use a Window Replacement Contractor Now

When it comes to home repairs, some homeowners do not know when to pull the trigger. Whether it is indecision or frugality, they let repairs and replacements sit for far too long before seeing to them, and this can create more damage than you can imagine. When it comes to windows, knowing when to fix them is important. It can save you time and money in the form of repairs, energy costs, and more. Here are three scenarios in which you should call your window replacement contractor immediately.

Storm Damage

If you experience severe weather in your area, storm damage is a possibility. High-speed winds bring flying debris and storm surges can lead to flooding and water damage. If you end up with broken windows, getting your replacements should be done as soon as possible. While not as noticeable as a shattered window pane, leaks in the sealant should also be taken as seriously as cracked or broken glass. A leak can lead to water damage to the windowsill and even the wall. Left unchecked the damage can become so comprehensive that a great deal of drywall will need to be replaced in addition to the window. Don’t wait to bring in a window replacement contractor should you get hit with storm damage.

Cracked Frames and Warped Panels

Like many structures in your home, windows will need to be replaced every so often. This is because windowsills may develop structural damage as a new house settles or the panels may warp over time. This may seem minor, but the warping can be unsightly. There are also considerable costs in the form of energy if you sit on these repairs. An incomplete seal can lead to the inefficient cooling and heating of your home. It may be only a few pennies a day, but this adds up to big dollars in no time. The climate and style of your home will determine how often this should be evaluated. Central heating and air conditioning will be a deciding factor also. If you are unsure of whether or not the window is ready to be replaced, bringing in a professional to evaluate the damage is your best course of action. Like with weather damage, you should not wait. It is better to get the evaluation done by a window replacement contractor done early than pay more in damages later.


When selling or renovating an old home, the goal is not only to fix the damage and update the design, but ultimately to add value to the property. Changing the windows can be a great way to add style and value to a space for very little money and effort. There are many options to choose from in today’s window market. Opt for windows with smaller frames and lots of seamless glass for a more modern look, or pick traditional paneled windows for a charming cottage feel. Updated home fixtures will be sure to add considerable monetary value to the home’s asking price.

No matter why your windows need replacing, be sure to get a professional opinion before doing any kind of replacement. Do not try it yourself unless you have extensive experience working on projects such as these.

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