The smart city initiative is set to take Surat to newer heights

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Real Estate

For those of you wondering whether it is a good decision to purchase an apartment in Surat, you should wait no more! This is because Surat is already on its way towards the achievement of future greatness in a development that will definitely help it outstrip even major metropolitan cities in terms of infrastructure and overall livability. The Microsoft Smart City initiative has Surat listed as one of its major growth centers. Demand for an apartment in Surat will soon skyrocket to unimaginable levels owing to the inception of this innovative and path-breaking projects. According to the details shared with the general public, the project will help citizens of Surat get access to cutting-edge, real-time information on all essential services provided by the Surat Municipal Corporation or SMC on their mobile phones, which will change the very perception of the city in the near future.

You should definitely purchase your apartment in Surat at the earliest in order to reap the benefits of developments like these connected to the Smart City initiative. As part of this initiative, mobile applications, cloud technology, social networks and data analytics will be Microsoft’s weapons of choice for offering real-time data on sanitation, energy, health, water, education and all other services connected to the Surat Municipal Corporation. These smart solutions will facilitate faster knowledge of water supply timings, finding healthcare and accessing municipal support in all their daily tasks. This will also lead to the development of future systems that the Surat Municipal Corporation can use to combat natural disasters more effectively. This initiative is part of the tie-up between the Surat Municipal Corporation and Microsoft in areas like citizen engagement, project management, transaction gateways, information, recreation and amusement. Surat was selected by Microsoft for its City Next endeavor owing to the high levels of computer literacy and internet usage here in addition to immense potential for future development.

Microsoft will be occupying office space in Surat and will look to empower citizens and authorities alike in the city with its smart solutions. All city residents will now be empowered beyond belief as this is a development that promises to spark huge improvements in the realty sector in Surat as more and more professionals from other cities seek to migrate to the city in search of better employment and business opportunities. You would do well to buy your desired apartment in Surat at the earliest, before prices go up in future!

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