Three Jobs Commercial Divers Are Hired for & How to Get Licensed as a Diver

Commercial divers are licensed and certified divers trained to do different diving jobs. Before you can advertise your services as a licensed/certified commercial diver, you must first be properly educated. There are only a few schools in the country that can provide you with the right training to join the ranks of professional commercial divers. After you complete the coursework and have your license and/or certifications, you can do one of the following jobs.

Septic Diver

This type of diver spends most of his or her days diving in cesspools, sewage tanks at water treatment facilities, and other sewage-related tanks. You may be looking for ways to repair these sewage holding containers, or you may be diving to remove blockages. On very rare occasions, you may be asked by the police to do a dive for a criminal investigation.

Lake Diver for Retrieval Services

You may be diving in a lake, a deep river, or even in part of the ocean, but essentially you are required to retrieve something. It may be a missing weapon, lost treasure, a ship’s wreckage, a plane’s black box after crashing, a body, etc. It’s one of the more exciting and fascinating commercial diving careers. It can also be one of the more dangerous if you are asked to dive where alligators and other vicious beasties swim.

Underwater “Burner”

This job requires you to burn all kinds of metal or other materials underwater. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of special tools and training.

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