Home Care Services in Mclean, VA Provide Much-Needed Hospice Assistance

Home care services in Mclean, VA that provide hospice care offer welcome relief to family members who would otherwise become exhausted while trying to manage a stressful situation. Family members don’t want their loved one live out their last days in a nursing home, if it can be avoided. However, it can be very difficult for people inexperienced in nursing to properly care for someone who is nearing the end. It’s especially hard when this individual is someone they love.

Senior loved ones are sometimes seriously ill with a terminal disease, and often need help with life aspects from washing their hair to taking several types of medication at different times of the day. They may feel uncomfortable having relatives help them with the most private tasks, such as bathing and bathroom needs. They may feel distressed at the idea of having a son daughter, sibling, or spouse performing their enemas or changing their bedpans. They prefer to maintain a certain level of modesty and dignity as long as they can.

With the assistance of home care services in Mclean, VA, these individuals can often stay at home or at the home of a close relative, even if they eventually become too weak to get out of bed. The service can even bring in a hospital bed for the patient’s comfort and ease of the caregivers. The patient can continue experiencing rewarding times with family and friends and live out the rest of their lives in the most comfortable way possible.

With a home hospice service doing the fundamental nursing tasks, family members have more time and energy to simply enjoy the last moments with their loved one. Each day feels like a gift, especially when nobody has to become overwhelmed with caring for the patient while handling the essential tasks of their own lives. An organization such as Capital City Nurses, LLC is dedicated to making this time as low-stress as possible for everyone concerned.

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