Three Common Signs You Need to Replace Your HVAC System Soon

The last thing you want to do is wear layer upon layer in winter to combat the cold or lie sweating bullets in the middle of the night because your home is too hot to sleep. These instances are exactly what will happen if your HVAC system breaks down and stops working completely. The ideal way to prevent this from happening is to replace your HVAC in Town and Country before it completely stops working. Here are some of the most common signs your HVAC needs replaced.

Energy Bills Are Higher

If you are noticing your energy bills are 20% or more higher than the same time the year before, it could be because your HVAC system is being overworked. This could be a minor issue like a faulty compressor or dirty air filters or something serious that requires a full replacement. If you are concerned with energy bills, it’s a good idea to get a full replacement with a modern energy-efficient model.

It’s Old

If you’ve lived in your home for over 15 years without replacing anything in your HVAC system, it is time. An old HVAC system is a ticking time bomb just waiting to stop working at the most inconvenient time possible. A new HVAC in Town and Country ensures your home will be properly heated and cooled for at least the next decade while providing more efficiency.

If you are concerned with your heating and cooling and want to see if an installation is right for you, visit the Classic Air Caire website today at From there, you can get answers to all of your questions and schedule a free estimate.

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