3 Times Homeowners Should Call for Emergency Plumbing Service

Knowing when to call for emergency plumbing service in Northbrook, Il isn’t always straightforward. While some situations make it obvious to call for help right away, others leave people scratching their heads. Should they wait a couple of days or call for a plumber now?


Clogged Drains


It’s best not to wait to call a plumber when a drain won’t unclog, especially if it’s a slow-flowing drain that’s gradually getting worse. Not only can this lead to a complete blockage, but the longer debris builds up in pipes, the greater the chance there is of the pipe cracking or bursting completely. When home remedies like using a plunger won’t work, call an emergency plumber.


Sewage Water Is Backing Up in the Home


Sewer water isn’t something to mess around with and needs attention immediately. If raw sewage is backing up in sinks and floor drains or multiple drains gurgle when the toilet flushes, a plumber needs to look at the problem ASAP. There’s likely a blockage in the sewer pipe that’s pushing raw sewage back into the pipe and into the home.


Pipes Rattling


Do the pipes rattle in the house when water is moving through them? The good news is that this isn’t a horrible problem, but it does need looking at quickly to prevent pipes from bursting and leaking. The culprit is probably a damaged attachment and the pipe has come loose from the wall.

Emergency plumbers help out in all situations! To schedule emergency plumbing service in Northbrook Il, contact BMW Plumbing, Inc., today.

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