Three Common Issues With Tankless Water Heaters

If you’re looking for tankless water heater repair in San Marcos, CA, you need to find a plumber who understands exactly how these water heaters work. You need your water heater to provide hot water for your home. When it’s out of service, it can be very frustrating and bring everything in your house to a standstill. Following are three common issues that water heater owners frequently have to deal with.

Buildup of Minerals

One key issue tankless water heater owners have to think about is mineral build-up. This is particularly true if you have hard water.The harder your water, the more likely that your heater will get build-up, preventing it from working properly.

Blocked Air Supply

Many tankless water heaters experience a blocked air supply. What this means is that the heater isn’t able to vent properly. Your plumber will need to come out and make sure that all of the vent pipes are connected properly and that they don’t have any holes in them.

Broken Ignition

Some people experience an issue where the water heater fails to ignite. This is often caused by an issue with the gas supply, so your plumber will want to make sure that the gas tank is actually full before moving on to looking at other solutions.

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