Add Storage to Your Closets by Using Cabinets From St. Louis Companies

When you need more space in your closet but don’t have room to expand it, consider installing cabinets on the walls. Any cabinets will usually work, including those that you might find in your kitchen. Before the cabinets are installed, you can paint them to match the colors in the bedroom or the color of your closet.


The first detail to figure out is the size of the cabinets that you’re going to install. Consider the depth and width of your closet and the sizes of the cabinets that you have available if you’re going to use those that you already have that could be leftover from a remodeling project. You also want to make sure you have plenty of space for the items that you need to put in your closet cabinets from St. Louis, MO, stores.

Vanity Ideas

A walk-in closet usually offers an exceptional amount of space. You could put a vanity table and mirror in the closet with tall kitchen cabinets on each side. These could hold formal dresses, makeup, shoes, and other items that you might wear for a special occasion.

Center Design

Base closet cabinets from St. Louis, MO, stores can be positioned in the center of your closet. The surface can be used for folding clothes and sorting them before they are put away in drawers or hung on hangers. A small kitchen island with cabinets can also be used in smaller closets for additional storage space. This is an idea to consider for a child’s closet so that you can sort items for school, playing, and other occasions.

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