Things You Should Know About The Glass In Your Car

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Automotive

Getting glass damage on your car is not something that never happens, as a matter of fact there is a very good chance you will get a chip or a pit or a crack at some time. Many car owners are not one hundred percent sure what the next step is; is the damage something that can be fixed or will it be necessary to replace the auto glass in Chicago?

What is the difference between a chip and a pit?

What is considered to be a pit looks somewhat like a small scoop taken out of the windshield surface; the damage does not go as far as the plastic which is imbedded between the two glass layers. A chip on the other hand will have evidence of “starring” around the center. As there is nothing for the repair resin to adhere to, a pit cannot be repaired; a chip can as there is sufficient surface for adhesion of the repair resin.

When should the windshield be replaced?

Shops that deal in auto glass in Chicago tend to work against a few rules of thumb to help them decide if the windshield can be repaired or it should be replaced. Replacement is recommended when:

  • A chip cannot be covered with a quarter

  • A crack is longer than a dollar bill

  • If the damage is in the drivers sight line

  • If there are more than three chips or cracks

What to do after the windshield has been replaced:

The installer will always instruct the customer on what he or she should do for a few hours after the windshield has been replaced. As the windshield is set in a seal, there must be no pressure placed on the glass. The installer will always tell you to leave the side window down a little, by doing this the air in the car will not be compressed when the door is closed. When the side window is down a little the air can escape which prevents the windshield from being subjected to unnecessary pressure. There is no need to do this after a few hours when the seal has set properly.

There is more to know about replacing or repairing auto glass in Chicago than meets the eye. To ensure the perfect repair or replacement it is recommended that you visit Aero Auto Parts at or call for home service.

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