Antique Shops in Seattle WA Sometimes Stock Beautiful Handmade Decoys

As with many traditional outdoor activities, there is a great deal of history and culture surrounding the sport of duck hunting. While spending time in the blinds on a crisp morning might be the main attraction for most who participate, many find ways of extending their enjoyment beyond the boundaries of regular hunting trips. One popular way of deriving even more satisfaction from duck hunting is to collect antique, handmade decoys, and Antique Shops in Seattle WA often make for the best sources of all.

Modern decoys, of course, tend to be incredibly lifelike and realistic. Making use of advanced production techniques and materials like plastic and composites, they can be almost indistinguishable from the mallards and other ducks they are meant to resemble. That often translates into performance on local waters, making it much more likely that real ducks airborne above will come in closer for a look.

Antique decoys will rarely even approach modern ones in this respect, but they will often be far superior in others. While the artisans who used to make decoys by hand were typically driven, above all else, by the goal of producing something functional, they almost inevitably endowed their creations with a great deal of beauty, as well.

As a result, these handcrafted artifacts have often survived for many decades, with some Antique Shops in Seattle WA today carrying decoys that are a hundred years old or more. Click Here and it will be seen that every such item has a distinctive style of its own, even if these characteristic traits do not necessarily lend themselves to an improved level of realism.

For most collectors, though, that matters very little. Rarely are antique decoys wanted today for use in actual hunting, with those who seek them out far more often preferring to display them at home or in an office. What they offer to collectors who do so is a way of making a beloved sport an even more integral part of a life, as another aspect of its rich tradition becomes an everyday experience. Whether by making it easier to pass the time until the next trip or for their own considerable charms, antique decoys have a lot to offer to many who love to hunt.

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