Things You Need To Know About Using Airport Shuttle Service

When you’re getting ready to fly to or from Jacksonville, you have a variety of options for getting to and from the airport. Airport shuttles are a convenient means of transportation and are hassle free if you know how to book one. Here are a few things you should know about Jacksonville airport shuttles.

Not All Shuttles Are The Same: There are several types of Jacksonville airport shuttles. Major hotels, for instance, often have their own dedicated shuttle services to, and from, the airport. Many times, companies may provide shuttles for major conferences or important out of town guests; these are most often booked using a car service. There exists a variety even within shuttle services in terms of what cars are used and where that car is able to take you. If you are offered a shuttle, make sure that said vehicle meets all of your travel needs before booking.

Not All Shuttles Go Everywhere: While most Jacksonville airport shuttles will travel to and from major airports and locations such as hotels or convention centers, you want to make sure that any shuttle that you book will actually be able to take you to and from your desired destination. This becomes a lot easier with Jacksonville airport shuttles that are part of a car service as these will likely have a route that is tailored to your needs. Still, if you are not certain, it always helps to ask the representative when you are booking your shuttle. Or, if you book for some one else, make sure that you are aware of that individual’s schedule, including any potential stops that may need to be made.

Appearance Is Key: While choosing between Jacksonville airport shuttles, you may want to consider the importance of appearance. Some services offer fancier vehicles with better amenities. It’s also important to know what the shuttle will look like so that you are able to board the right one at the airport.

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