Things to Do Before Putting a Dental Practice For Sale in San Diego, California

It is not unusual for a dentist to want to pick up and relocate to another city, perhaps across the country. When that time is near, there are a lot of things a dentist should consider regarding the existing practice before attempting to put it on the market or work through a broker. A dental broker that works in California will help a dentist with a dental practice for sale in San Diego and wants the dentist to know how to prepare. Here are some things to do before putting the dental practice on the market.

Things to Do Before Putting Your Dental Practice on the Market

Dentists should inspect their practice and see what they need to repair and what they need to upgrade. This will increase the value of their practice when they put it up for sale on the open market. The dentist should sit down with the accountant or financial advisor and see written on paper exactly how much the practice is worth and if selling is a viable option at the time they wish to sell.

More Things to Do Before Putting the Dental Practice on the Market

When talking to the accountant, this is the time to find out about any accounts receivable in arrears and try to get those accounts up-to-date or purge them from the system. Accounts of this type could slow things down with negotiating a fair price for the dental practice. If there is an associate with the practice, the employment agreement must have a valid restrictive covenant so that this will not become an issue when a new dentist takes over the practice. The dentist should sit down with a broker to see where to go from there.

A Dental Broker in California

Dentists who want to sell their practice in San Diego, California, or nearby can find a broker by browsing the Internet. Western Practice Sales is a dental broker that offers services in California, Nevada, and Arizona. If a dentist has a dental practice for sale in San Diego, California, the broker can be of service and provides more information on its website.

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