Get Help with an Auto Accident Attorney in Silverdale

When a person is driving an automobile, there is always the risk of being in an accident. Even a careful driver can easily become involved in an auto accident because they are unable to control the actions of other drivers on the road. Many of these auto accidents cause severe injuries that can create costly medical bills and even cause a person to be unable to work and earn a paycheck. When an injury occurs from an auto accident, it is important to get assistance from an auto accident attorney in Silverdale.

Auto Accident Injuries

Millions of Americans are injured in auto accidents every year. Many of these accidents happen because the other driver was distracted using their phone. There is also a large proportion of accidents that occur due to the other driver being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These irresponsible drivers should be held accountable for their actions and the damages they caused. An auto accident attorney in Silverdale offers services to help ensure these drivers pay for the costs of the accidents they cause.

Costs and Losses

When injured in an accident, a person faces the costs associated with that injury. Immediate medical care can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the injury. Any continued treatment or care for that injury can increase those costs exponentially. Many of those injured must miss work, which equals a loss of pay. People who are severely injured may never be able to return to work again.

Insurance Companies

In most cases, the insurance company is the entity that will pay the damages and costs of a car accident. Unfortunately, these are for-profit businesses that will do everything they can to keep their payouts low. Often, this results in low settlement offers, or offers provided before the full extent of injuries is even known. If the injured party accepts that settlement, they will have no recourse to get any additional compensation if their medical care costs are more than they anticipated.

This is why it is important to contact an attorney before signing anything with an insurance company. An attorney will review the case and provide assistance to protect the rights of those injured. Contact us for more information about these services or to schedule a consultation.

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