Things to Consider When Choosing Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Buying a commercial building is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner. Making sure the commercial space you have purchased is protected against forces of nature like fire is important. Purchasing fire extinguishers will help you increase the level of safety your building has. Once you have purchased these extinguishers, you should think about how you will mount them. Getting fire extinguisher cabinets is essential when trying to get these vital pieces of fire protection equipment off the ground and visible. Finding the right fire extinguisher cabinets will be much easier when considering the following factors.

The Size and Quality Needed

Before you can get the right fire extinguisher cabinets, you should figure out what size is needed. Fire extinguishers usually come in five, ten and twenty pound containers. Each of these extinguishers is different in both weight and size, which means the fire extinguisher cabinets needed to house them are also different. If you are unsure about what size cabinets to put into your commercial building, consult with a professional in the fire protection business. They can also help you figure out which cabinet on the market is the highest quality. The last thing you want is a fire extinguisher cabinet falling apart shortly after installation due to low quality materials.

Having the New Cabinets Mounted

Once you have chosen the right fire extinguisher cabinets, you should think about how they are going to be mounted. Surface mounting the cabinets is usually the easiest way, but recessing them is the most appealing. If you do want to have the fire extinguisher cabinets recessed into the wall, it is probably wise to let professionals handle the installation process for you. Without the right amount of experience, you can make a mess of this installation process and create more problems for yourself as a result.

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