Drug Abuse Treatment Options

Addiction can happen in any family. It creates chaos and devastation in its wake if it is not controlled. In order for the addiction to be controlled, the person afflicted has to be ready to seek treatment in order for it to work. Seeking treatment options is imperative to contain and maintain the dependence. If you know someone who suffers from substance abuse and is ready for treatment, the following treatment options are available.

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient programs are full time, rigorous rehabs designed to treat severe substance abuse issues. Inpatient substance abuse treatment in Minnesota and other states offer quality services and support to both the person that is addicted and his family. Treatment can last for months, until satisfactory sobriety is maintained. There is 24-hour care during the detox and treatment periods. Medical staff, including psychologists and counselors provide intensive support and therapy during the road to recovery.

Outpatient Programs

An outpatient program is a part time environment for a substance abuser. It has more freedom than an inpatient program. Created for less severe addictions, this type of program provides group counseling and general education to identify and contain the addiction. Concentrating on therapy and counseling, the goal is to get the addicted person to recognize the root of his substance addiction and create a positive environment to support sobriety.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling provides one-on-one therapeutic treatment. The counselor focuses on identifying and treating the addiction and developing a customized plan to maintain sobriety. Outside 12-step programs are encouraged, as is the participation of family members. Concentrating on creating goals for the addicted person, this type of treatment is part time and can last an undetermined amount of time. If additional services are needed, recommendations are made, and additional professionals may be brought in to stabilize sobriety.

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