The Various Types of Available Cabling Systems in Wichita KS

When you own a company that utilizes technology in order to operate, it is crucial that you have an infrastructure that you can depend on. With the large number of Cabling Systems in Wichita KS that are available, it can be a challenge to figure out what you need for your IT needs. Before you rush out and spend money on cabling that won’t do what you require, make sure you understand the various types available and choose the one that will best suit your needs. The following are three of the more popular types of cables that are typically needed to keep an IT system running properly. CAT 5e and CAT 6If you need to send data back and forth between computers, either via an intranet or internet system, then CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable may be a good, cost effective way to do so. Capable of transmitting speeds of 250 MHz, it will allow you to complete work quickly and reliably.

Most companies that only work with small amounts of data can use CAT cabling to help them keep their communications up and running. Fiber Optic Cabling If you send large files frequently and need to be able to do so frequently, it may be best to look at fiber optic cabling. You can send data at the speed of light and make quick work of large file transfers. While it is more expensive, it is designed to last for years, and is not susceptible to outside electrical interference. Choose fiber optic cable if your company frequently initiates large downloads and uploads. Coaxial Cabling If you need to transfer small amounts of data, audio or television feeds, it may be more cost effective to use copper coaxial cabling.

Though it is more affordable, it is still a quality way to transfer data. Don’t let your cabling needs break the bank, when you can have your basic needs met by choosing to use standard coax cable. If you are ready to take the infrastructure of your Cabling Systems in Wichita KS seriously, contact Communications Technology Associates Inc. No matter the size of your organization or your IT needs, they will be able to design a custom system that will meet your needs. Visit their website to learn more or call them today to schedule your initial client consultation.

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