The Variety and Versatility of Real Gold Chains

Gold doesn’t just come in yellow and shiny. There are many different colors and finishes to the types of real gold chains that you can find and each one has their purpose in your style, the most popular colors being yellow, white, and rose gold. They work in men’s styles or women’s and you can try one color or try them all, along with the different ways that the chains link together. The variety and versatility is endless!

How to Wear Your Gold Chains
There is no one way to wear real gold chains. There are so many different kinds that you can match them with virtually any style to add some shine and elegance to your ensemble whether you’re out on the town, at an important family or business event, at home doing the laundry, or at the office. Expressing yourself has never been easier.

  • A bead-cut or ball chain in rose gold, yellow, or white can be a casual accessory or look like simple pearls with more flair. They can work alone or with a pendant or charms.
  • Rope or diamond cut chains are one of the most versatile types of all. Their texture is multi-faceted, catching the light in several ways as you walk around wearing it. This kind of chain is easily worn alone and creates a simple accessory that adds shine to every ensemble you wear it with.
  • Lighter, more delicate looking and feeling, filigree type chains have sort of hollow links on them and provide simple elegance and beauty to the outfit you with which you choose to wear them. They generally are too light to hold pendants but you can get stones put between the links to add something extra if you want to.
  • Rosaries and crosses are very popular with gold chains. A gold chain in any color for your cross or rosary can turn it into an heirloom that you can pass on to your child or other family member.
  • Personalize your gold chain with birthstones or a nameplate (or both) for a special gift to a loved one or child.
  • Dog tag chains are a beautiful gift to remember your favorite person or loved one in the service no matter where they may be.

Caring for Gold
Real gold chains, like other gold jewelry, should be cleaned on a regular basis to prolong the life of the piece, they can also be polished if needed to restore the original luster. If you clean your chains before they start to look drab, they’ll continue to shine for many years and the color will be more vibrant for longer. When you purchase your gold, ask about a cleaning kit so that you don’t end up resorting to home remedies that may damage your jewelry. The seller should be able to point you in the right direction.

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