The Uses of Dental Crowns in Dallas, PA

Dental crowns are an important dental tool that can provide a number of uses and benefits for the human mouth and they can be utilized for a cost-effective price nearly every single time. However, many people believe crowns that are only used to fill in cavities after excavation, and this could not be any further from the truth. Once you know how these could benefit you and your life, it should be a matter of course to book an appointment with your local professional.


Although a commonly known use, dental crowns in Dallas, PA remain a beneficial tool when covering up fillings to ensure that the strength and functionality of a tooth remain after the excavation of a cavity. These look, feel, and function in the exact same way that your original tooth did and it is impossible to tell where the natural tooth ends in relation to your crown. This is one of many reasons you benefit from the choice to schedule an appointment if you suspect that you have a cavity building in one or more teeth.


It is not uncommon for a particularly hard piece of food, a fall, or even a strike to the face to cause damage to one or more teeth. Dental crowns can not only repair this damage but return the full functionality of your tooth, which can make a big difference. Especially as an adult, having a chipped or broken tooth can be a bit embarrassing, but a professional can make it look as if it never happened.

Finally, you could choose crowns to cover discoloration, which can happen due to a number of outside reasons. Medications, certain foods, and smoking can all cause staining in the teeth that can sink below the outer layer of enamel. You can use crowns to cover this discoloration and make your teeth look bright and beautiful again.

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