Contacting a Probation Violation Lawyer in Lititz, PA Can Help

Many people are given probation as a way to avoid a lengthy jail term. Even though they are out of jail, they need to be careful with their actions and must follow all of the rules of their probation to ensure they do not end up violating the probation. If they do violate the probation for any reason, the person is going to need to hire a probation violation lawyer in Lititz, PA to help them.

Violating probation means they’ll need to go to a hearing for the violation. If it’s the result of committing another crime, this hearing would be separate from the hearings for the second crime. At the violation hearing, they will be able to let the judge know what happened. It’s likely the judge will decide to revoke their probation. This means they will spend the remainder of their sentence in jail. This is separate from any new conviction they might face, so it can lead to a significant amount of time in jail.

A person who has been arrested for violating their probation will want to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. The lawyer will work as hard as possible to keep them from having to complete their sentence in jail. The defense used by the lawyer will vary based on why the person was arrested originally, why they were arrested for violating the probation, and any other details of the situation. The person will want to work closely with their lawyer and be completely honest about their situation so they have a higher chance of avoiding jail time for the violation.

If you’re on probation and have been arrested for violating your probation, this is not something you’re going to want to handle on your own. Take the time to speak with a probation violation lawyer in Lititz, PA today and let them know everything that has happened. They’re going to do as much as possible to help you avoid going back to jail so you can continue to live your life. Visit the law office of Melissa R. Montgomery online today to learn more about how a probation violation lawyer might be able to help you.

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